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Laboratory services

The staff of the laboratory consists of highly qualified specialists who have been trained and certified by state certification bodies, having the II level of qualification according to STB EN 473-2011, STB ISO 9712-2016 for visual inspection, ultrasound control, and capillary control.

Quality control of objects (products) for compliance with the requirements of technical regulatory legal acts that regulate quality requirements in the laboratory is carried out by various methods of nondestructive testing:

  • ultrasonic flaw detection;
  • ultrasonic thickness measurement;
  • capillary (color) flaw detection;
  • optical control (visual, external inspection and measurements);
  • hardness testing by a portable hardness tester.

The list of technical devices to which the scope of accreditation extends:

  • cranes;
  • metal structures.

The laboratory carries out non-destructive testing of welded joints and base metal for outside enterprises and organizations within the limits of technical capabilities and the established area of ​​accreditation.