As part of the holding «BELAZ-HOLDING» belaz

Electrotechnical services

  • Development and electrical installation of drive control systems for single-girder and double-girder cranes, gantry cranes, cantilever cranes;
  • Equipping the cranes with radio control using radio control systems;
  • Equipping the movement mechanisms of the crane and the freight trolley with limit switches of mechanical action with the function “deceleration / stop”;
  • Installation of counter-crane systems located on the same crane track, using optical photoelectric sensors;
  • Repair, restoration and maintenance of electrical equipment of cranes of various types:
  • Repair of control cabinets for single-girder and double-girder cranes, gantry cranes, cantilever cranes.
  • Work with complete or partial replacement of components and components.
  • Transfer of cranes controlled from the overhead console or from the “cabin” to the radio control using Schneider Electric Harmony eXLhoist, TELECRANE. It is possible to organize the operation of two cranes in the “TANDEM” mode with the use of one remote control.
  • Transfer of cranes from the relay-contact control system to control using frequency converters.
  • Two-speed setting (for cranes controlled from the floor), on two-speed using the electronic potentiometer function or four-speed (for cranes controlled from the cabin) operating mode.
  • Replacement of failed frequency converters, which have no analogs in Belarus for converters Altivar-32, -312, -71 (Schneider Electric).
  • Repair or replacement of protective panels PZKB -160A, -250A.
  • Replacement of crane switches and disconnectors.
  • Installation of closed-type trolley busbars (or replacement of existing open-type trolley busbars).
  • Installation, commissioning, full maintenance and repair of crane equipment SWF Krantechnik GmbH (Germany), Balkan Echo (Bulgaria), OMIS (Italy), Podem (Bulgaria), Yantra (Bulgaria), etc.