Lifting crane — lifting machine intended for lifting and moving in the space of a cargo suspended by means of a hook or held by another load-holding organ.

Bridge type crane — crane in which the load-lifting organ is suspended from a load trolley or hoists traveling on a bridge.

Supporting crane — crane, on which the bridge rests directly on the crane track, placed on crane construction structures.

Suspended crane — crane with the bridge suspended from the lower shelves of the overhead crane track.

Gantry crane — bridge type crane, on which the bridge rests on the ground crane track with the help of two support racks.

Semi-gantry crane — bridge type crane, on which the bridge rests on the crane track on one side directly, and on the other side – by means of a support post.

Cantilever crane — an arrow type crane, the load-lifting organ of which is suspended to a rigidly fixed console or a trolley moving along the console.

Cantilever crane on the column — a cantilever crane, which is able to rotate on a column whose base is fixed to the foundation, or attached to a column that can rotate in a pendulum placed in the foundation.

Hand winch — winch for lifting (lowering) of cargo with manual drive.

Hand hoist — a hoisting mechanism with a cable or chain manual drive.

Traction mechanism — a mechanism with a manual drive, the pulling force of which is transferred by a rope with the aid of a clamping system.