An important part of the cranes is a cargo trolley. Placement of mechanisms on the frame of the trolley is done in such a way that uniform loading on all running wheels is ensured. When using the two lifting mechanisms of the main and auxiliary, the main lift mechanism is positioned so that the drive wheels experience more non-drive loads.

    On the trolley there are lifting mechanisms. It can be executed as a separate drive: electric motor, reducer, hydraulic brake, and in the hoist version: the truck can be executed using an electric hoist mounted on the frame and acting as an organ for lifting the load.

    The truck crane is supported by running wheels on the belts of the bridge beam, moving over the beam and moving the lifted load. The use of a freight trolley is caused by a large mass of goods and high operating modes.

    The trolley is also equipped with buffers that limit its movement across the bridge when the final switches fail. To ensure safe operation during repair or inspection of mechanisms on the trolley, railings are installed.

    Параметр Значение параметра
    Грузоподъемность, т до 240
    Скорость подъема*, м/мин: до 12
    Скорость передвижения*, м/мин: до 20
    Высота подъема*, м до 18
    Режим работы (по ISO) М4…М7