Handheld mobile loading device is intended for lifting and lowering cargo during loading and unloading operations on rooms, which unequipped with load-bearing structures for clamping load-lifting mechanisms and in warehouses without stationary load-lifting technic and autoloader.

    The device used in closed rooms and outdoors. The device has four self-orienting wheels that provide operation in conditions of limited space.

    Construction of the mobile crane allows make quick installation.

    This one consists of a span beam, support beams, columns, masts, rotary wheels (two of them with a brake), which are attached between themselves with standard fasteners. The span beam serves for hanging the hoist. The span beam of the mobile device represents bead beam with welded flanges for clamping it to stands.

    Support beams and stands are made of a square tube with welded flanges.

    Наименование  параметра Ед. изм. Значения
    Грузоподъёмность т 1,0 1,0 2,0 3,2
    Высота (Н1),         не более м 4,3 4,3 4,3 4,3
    Длина пролёта (L1),                не более м 4,0 6,0 4,0 4,0
    Длина устройства(L),  не более м 4,19 6,19 4,42 4,2
    Ширина устройства (L2), не более м 2,1 2,1 2,05 2,9
    Высота подъёма (Н),               не более м 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5
    Номер профиля балки 20 24М 24М 30М
    Конструктивная масса,  не более кг 320 405 380 600
    Система передвижения на основе колесных опор (три исполнения)  – неповоротная

    – комбинированная

    – полноповоротная

    Тип тали  Р – ручная

    Э – электрическая