The crane bridge is the main supporting structure, destined to move a cargo trolley with a suspended cargo or a load gripper along it. According to the number of bearing beams, there are different: one- and two-beam bridges. The bridges are either cantilevered (with one or two consoles) or unclosed. The long-distance bridges made from sections to facilitate transportation.

    Supports of crane are the elements of metal constructions of gantry crane that serve to provide the required crane lifting height, transfer loads from the bridge to the crane running wheels and create the necessary rigidity of the entire crane structure. Based on the conditions for transferring loads from the bridge to the running wheels, rigid and flexible supports are distinguished.

    Rigid supports in addition to the transfer of vertical loads and forces directed along the axis of the bridge, also fully absorb all the loads acting along the bridge.

    Flexible supports perceive only vertical loads, as well as horizontal forces acting across the bridge. The flexibility of the flexible supports along the axis of the bridge compensates for deformations and inaccuracies in the manufacture of the bridge and rail tracks. In the lower part of the rack, there is a bolted flange mount for connection to the trolleys or running rails. Tie supports serve as links of the lower ends of racks or directly running trolleys located on the same rail.

    Технические характеристики для серийно выпускаемых кранов:
    Грузоподъемность крана, т от 3,2 до 120 Грузозахватное устройство крюк
    траверса, магнит, грейфер
    Пролет, м до 40 Управление краном радиоуправление
    подвесной пульт
    Высота подъема, м от 6,3 до 16 Схема управления приводами частотная
    Скорости, м/мин
    подъема груза
    передвижения крановой тележки
    передвижение крана
    до 19
    до 48
    до 96
    Токопровод троллейный
    Режим работы крана, по ISO 4301/1 А3…А6 Климатическое исполнение У1; У2; У3
    Режим работы механизмов, по ISO 4301/1 М5…М7 Диапазон рабочей температуры, оС от — 40 до +40
    Возможно выполнение по индивидуальным требованиям заказчика, отличным от стандартных.