This type is attached either to the wall of the building, or to a vertically standing tubular column.

    In this case, the column is placed on the foundation. In the event that the console can be rotated, this type is called “cantilever-rotary”. Moving of cargoes is made with the help of hoist, fixed on the console and moving along it.

    It can be moved as if using a mechanism installed on it itself, so with the help of cable rope leading to the winch of the console. In the second case, it is possible to move loads with a large range of speeds.

    The console itself is moved manually, using a rope, most often fixed on its end, or an electric motor.

    In the latter case, the device will be called a “cantilever electric crane”. In the event that it is necessary to lift loads not too heavy, it is better to use a cantilever crane with a manual hoist and a manual turn of the console.

    Such devices are often very convenient, since they are easy to manage. If necessary, to lift and move heavy loads, it is better to use a crane with electric traction.

    Технические характеристики для серийно выпускаемых кранов:
    Грузоподъемность крана, т от 0,25 до 16 Грузозахватное устройство крюк
    Вылет, м до 5 Управление краном радиоуправление
    подвесной пульт
    Высота подъема, м до 5 Схема управления приводами частотная
    Скорости, м/мин

    • подъема груза
    • передвижения тали
    • передвижение крана

    • до 12
    • до 20
    • до 1
    Токопровод кабельный
    Режим работы крана, по ISO 4301/1 А1…А5 Климатическое исполнение У1; У2; У3
    Режим работы механизмов, по ISO 4301/1 М3…М5 Диапазон рабочей температуры, оС от — 40 до +40
    Возможно выполнение по индивидуальным требованиям заказчика, отличным от стандартных.